About This Little Light Candles

At This Little Light Candles, we take pride in crafting candles that not only fill your home with delightful fragrances, but also prioritize your well-being and environment.  Our palm wax candles are sustainably sourced, ensuring a clean burn and long-lasting enjoyment.  Each candle is meticulously hand-poured using premium palm wax and infused with natural oils.  We are committed to quality craftsmanship and hand-pour each candle in small batches.  

wax allows it to absorb greater levels of fragrance and releases it smoothly.  From start to finish, no chemicals are utilized to create palm wax. Chemicals are used in processing of most other common candle waxes.

Meet the Chandler

Kat Sanford-Creary


This Little Light was born out of my desire to have beautifully fragranced candles in the color and style that I wanted. After years of disappointment with performance of various candle brands, I researched candle making and began making them for myself.  I gave candles to family and friends. In 2010, This Little Light Candles was born. 

Over the years, my offerings have evolved. Today, I use 100% Palm Wax with wooden wicks exclusively and combine them with fragrances derived from essential oils. 

This Little Light Candles are also available on both Amazon and Etsy.